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This video will show you how to add a road to OpenStreetMap
by tracing Bing aerial imagery.
Click "Edit" to begin.
Find a road on the aerial photo. Click at the end of the road to begin tracing.
Click again to add the next point and keep clicking to complete the road.
To join onto another road and create a junction
place the last point over the road;
a "+" sign will appear next to the mouse pointer
and the points in the road will light up blue.
Simply click to create the junction.
To finish, click again on the last point or hit "Return".
Choose the type of road in the sidebar
and add its name and other details
click on the "Misc" tab to record the source of the data as "Bing".
To add a point in the middle of a road
hold down the "Shift" key and click where you would like to add the point.
To change the shape of the road simply drag its points.
You can create a junction off any point in a road.
If necessary, "Shift" + click to add a new point.
Now "Shift" + click again to begin drawing a new road.
To extend a road,
click on the point of the end and add further points.
To delete a point, click on the point
and click the delete button on the toolbar in the bottom right-hand corner.
To delete an entire road,
select the road by clicking on the line between the points
then click "Delete".
Draw a footpath or cycleway
in exactly the same way as a road.
When you open the menu on the sidebar
simply select the "Paths" submenu.
Sometimes, the Bing aerial imagery may be misaligned.
If this happens, hold down the space bar
and click and drag the aerial imagery
until it aligns with the existing road network.
You can draw an area
in exactly the same way as a road or path.
Make sure the last point joins back onto the first point.
Use the sidebar to choose the type of area
and add further details.
You can find further information on the OpenStreetMap Wiki.
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