OpenStreetMap meetup, 2018 május: Urban Mobility (EN) 4 talks

Kezdő dátum2018. május 14. 18:00
Befejezés2018. május 14. 21:00
Hely1016 Budapest, Mészáros u. 58/A

This is a free event about "Urban Mobility", but please register on Meetup!
The talks will be in English. ( hu:"Minden előadás angolul lesz")

#1. Michael Szell ( Central European University | Northeastern University | Complexity Science Hub Vienna ) "Using OpenStreetMap for Quantification and Visualization of Urban Mobility Space Inequality"

Abstract: Most cities are car-centric, allocating a privileged amount of urban space to cars at the expense of sustainable mobility like cycling. Simultaneously, privately owned vehicles are vastly underused, wasting valuable opportunities for accommodating more people in a livable urban environment by occupying spacious parking areas. Since a data-driven quantification and visualization of such urban mobility space inequality is lacking, here we explore how crowdsourced data can help to advance its understanding. In particular, we describe how the open-source online platform What the Street!? ( uses massive user-generated data from OpenStreetMap for the interactive exploration of city-wide mobility spaces. Using polygon packing and graph algorithms, the platform rearranges all parking and mobility spaces of cars, rails, and bicycles of a city to be directly comparable, making mobility space inequality accessible to a broad public. This crowdsourced method confirms a prevalent imbalance between modal share and space allocation in 23 cities worldwide, typically discriminating bicycles. Analyzing the guesses of the platform’s visitors about mobility space distributions, we find that this discrimination is consistently underestimated in the public opinion. Finally, we discuss a visualized scenario in which extensive parking areas are regained through fleets of shared, autonomous vehicles. We outline how such accessible visualization platforms can facilitate urban planners and policy makers to reclaim road and parking space for pushing forward sustainable transport solutions.
Link to paper:

#2. Christopher Beddow ( Solutions Engineer, Mapillary) "Mapillary and Urban Mobility"

Abstract: Mapillary imagery provides a unique source of mobility data, and can be used to improve OpenStreetMap and other urban datasets based on human and machine extractions from images. We will consider how some organizations have made use of this, as well as how to make best use of Mapillary imagery in OpenStreetMap.

#3. Noémi SZABÓ ( urban planner, Mobilissimus ) "OSM-based pedestrian, cycling and parking maps for Eger"

Abstract: The extensive traffic calmed city centre area and the constantly expanding bicycle friendly route network in Eger makes mobility and sightseeing possible both on foot or by bike. Commissioned by the City of Eger, Mobilissimus created new maps to support more and more people in choosing sustainable transport modes.
The presentation is going to cover a short introduction of the project (the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Eger and the connected communication activities), and focus on the creation of the maps using OSM and other GIS data, from filling the gaps of the OSM database till the graphic design of the maps.

#4. Zoltán Erdős ( Urban mobility revolutioner ) "Challenges of encoding and visualizing bicycle infrastructure in OSM"

Abstract: Cycling is on the rise around the world and Hungary. OSM is a great tool to help route planning but also urban design related to bicycles. However, there are challenges to include all the different types of cycling infrastructure on OpenStreetMap. I will talk about these in my presentation.


17:50 - 18:00 Arriving
18:00 ~ 20:30 Talks
21:00 - Afterparty in the near pub!

1016 Budapest, Mészáros u. 58/A